Four Dimensions to One Tech, One Product, One Business

I. Systems
iQs - The IntelSphere

iQs, The IntelSphere, the QOIN - is a pioneering synthesis of human and synthetic intelligence.

Our modular software in the form of applications that run on Android, iOS, Unix-Linuxes, Tizen, and even Windows, apps for users, apps for servers, apps that are agents called binars, cybots and mentats, some of whom generate and write their own code. Yes. That much "BEYOND" the status quo of Silicon Valley and certain other places. Good bots. Nice bots.

Your apps and applications. Your devices - phones, tablets, laptops, wearables. Our devices - koins - iKoins, pKoins, mKoins, xKoins - talking with, coordinating, connecting with your world to filter data and facts, to seek out and find data, to organize, assemble, relate, correlate, and infer Knowledge.

Knowledge that helps you to do and to not do a lot of important things in Your Lives:

REALLY. Welcome to iQs. It took us 25 years to get this far. It's gone to take a whole, whole lot less time in Days, not Years, to make you say, "WOW! This is So Cool!"

So this is at the "systems" level. This is the Whole, the Big Picture. The Organic Living Internet in the palm of your hands - and everywhere else you use it.

This is the meaning of "life.empowered.lives.engaged."

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